About us and the ceramics

It all started with my grandfather, who since 1987 has sat and turned where I sit now. Same shop, same studio. In the harbor warehouse in Askersund.

I mostly make utility items in stoneware. The great favorite to turn are coffee cups in endless variations. I value and want my ceramics to be used and enjoyed on a daily basis.

Love color! Which is noticeable on my ceramics, preferably together with dots. All ceramics are unique, turned or sculpted by hand.

I found my way back to ceramics around 2010 I think. Went down to grandpa one morning and got me to turn my Christmas presents, after them I stayed. So we managed to work together for many years before he had to stop. Because yes, we ended up having to hide the keys when he was finally diagnosed with dementia. Turning was everything to my grandfather and even if the memory failed, it took a long time before the desire to turn disappeared.
I was on maternity leave so I started renovating for a new opening in 2018.
Now the baton is in my hands and I love my job!
I hope you will also love the ceramics that can add a little gold edge to your everyday life.
Information about the ceramics.
I often make small series as I quickly get tired of doing the same thing for too long, but like to vary the series in different colors. Everything is handmade in stoneware. I neither measure nor weigh the clay so everything will be very unique.
*All products are dishwasher, oven and microwave safe.
*Ceramics with gold go in the dishwasher, perhaps the gold wears a bit faster but they take a few years before they are visible, but not in the microwave as they contain metal.